Who is Cedric Bescond ?

Cédric Bescond, painter, graphic designer. Discover the creations and the artistic universe of this Breton  (Rennes)
Lives and works in Rennes, a commune located in the department of  Ille-Et-VIlaine,  and paints and draws since the 90s.

Graduate of the art schools of Brest and Rennes, in design of object and space, having also studied the art and the naval architecture, Cédric Bescond put his know-how for a few years in services of companies and communication.

Cédric Bescond’s works are worked as much on the ink, as on the watercolor or on the acrylic. His original work rests on an interpretation of the nature and expresses himself in an abstracted expressionism loan of surrealism. Poetic and imaginative, his work transports the spectator in a world of quiet happiness where the dreamer can let go himself in joyful and naive dreams. Also, Its research, marked as much by the cubism as the surrealism, rests on a work of interpretation of the forms, the space and the time which lead his artistic exploration as much as philosophic :

“Cedric Bescond’s paintings exhibit different scenes inside which there is a storytelling. Layers of times, temporalities, depths and presences juxtapose in an all-quantic melting, caught at a precise moment. It is cubism at some part, it is Art déco and pop surrealism also, all of it leads to an impression in its classical meaning , not driving to a single style code. This is Cedric’s fragmented perception.

Patterns shadow and reappear slowly with smoothness. Cedric likes to watch things as cloud particules gathered for joy and beauty. He jokes a little, he brightens up.

A quantic situationism

The quantic theory, latest explanation of the physical world, puts objects and beings in a general bath of energies where everything is united until the glance of an observer suddently freezes and shapes it in visual things. All is an impression in the end. Cedric likes quantic perception of moments that he restores in their whole harmonics.

A pictographic approach

Cedric draws patterns, sketches on several notebooks to which he comes back when painting, as he would turn to an abecedaire to write something. His pictos are stylized as abstract pictograms, ideograms in a symbolic presence.

Search for quantism

A continuum to modern art : first there is space and subject on a timescale. A line leads to symbols and their sudden emergence..

Complexity is here through immanent objects and narrative times added. Moments over objects shape space into movement and distort it. This is a bit cubism with things burst out into geometries. But here the writting is less static than cubism, here time acts in a flow. Volumes emerge and change. From transparency to mix up, from empty space to full space, from far to close. Step by step, your eye focuses on different layers and different moments.”